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Health Requirements

DoggieWorks is committed to safe and FUN play!  That is why we are concerned about your doggie's vaccinations.  We require:




Rabies (1 yr or 3 yr)


Bordetella, every 6 months


Annual Fecal exam for parasites


Due to an increased chance of competition aggression, we require all our fuzzy friends to be spayed or neutered.  We will accept titer results as long as they were drawn within the last 12 months.  Lastly fleas and other blood suckers are icky!  Please make sure your dog is on a regular flea/tick schedule.  We would be happy to assist you if needed. 


We know that you are a super busy dog owner.  If DoggieWorks can assist in transporting your precious pooch to the vet in order to complete his vaccination regiment...just let us know.  We are always happy to help you keep your hound healthy!



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